Friday, 15 April 2011

Technical Demonstrations

Vimeo caused some problems with the uploads so I will present from my hard drive.

Moon Castle:

Moon Castle from Errol Hoffman on Vimeo.

Hair Do:

Untitled from Errol Hoffman on Vimeo.


Conductor from Errol Hoffman on Vimeo.


The video camera input tutorial can be explored as the basis of the Conductor and the Hair Do games. Both would require the inputs to trigger different animated sequences. The audio capabilities of flash would also need to be used. A Kaoss pad type of interactive instrument would be ideal for both of these games.

A simple approach to the Moon Castle may be taken. Using the programming multi-touch displays tutorial.

Some of the music from the film life aquatic represents the style and techniques possible with a simple interface such as the DS-10 game for Nintendo DS that I hope to produce the music for Moon Castle in.

A simple style of Kaoss pad would be attempted through the use of video tracking. A constant beat for the Hair Do game would also be necessary and could be created in DS-10.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011